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Scott 3-14-319-Edit 2

Scott Hislop

Credits: La La Land Ted 2 Gangster Squad Glee Dancing With The Stars Skills: Dancer Jazz Contemporary Ballet Actor Height: 5’9” View Resume:

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TJ Storm Wu Shu Welcome

TJ Storm

Credits: Avatar Green Lantern Resident Evil: 6 Tron: Legacy Spiderman 3 Skills: Actor Stunts Firearms Dancer Martial Arts Height: 6’2” Weight: 212 lbs View Resume

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Kevin Dorman

Credits: AVATAR Real Steel Beouwulf Red Fraction 3 (VG) Resident Evil 6 Skills: Actor Fire Arms Stage Combat Height: 6ft Weight: 180lbs View Resume

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Brett Davis

Credits: The You and Restless The Haves and Have Nots Behaving Badly Sparky Skills: Actor Sports Stunts Weapons Height: 6’5” Weight: 235lbs View Resume:  

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Shon Lange

Credits: Scandal Fatal Defense Days of Our Lives Skills: Actor Military USA Air Force 6 years Stunts Weapons Fight Choreography Height: 6’4” Weight: 210lbs View Resume

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Reuben Langdon

Credits: Avatar Green Hornet Resident Evil:6 Call of Duty 3 Skills: Actor Martial Artist Stunt Coordinator Stunts Weapons Fights Fluent in Japanese Height: 6ft Weight: 175lbs View Resume  

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MARCUSCHOI headshot1

Marcus Choi

Credits: Virtually Heros Enchanted Happy Endings Revenge Cougar Town Skills: Actor Dancer Kung Fu Fluent Korean Height: 5’9” Weight: 170lbs View Resume

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Chris Jai

Credits: The Last of Us Jack The Giant Killer Tomb Raider 2013 Metal of Honor Warfighter Resident Evil 5 Skills: Actor VO Actor Stunts Gymnastics Martial Arts Height: 6ft Weight: 185lbs View Resume    

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Matt Mullins

Credits: Mortal Komat:Rebirth Captain America Tron Skills: 5 time world champ martial artist Actor Stunts Gymnast Height: 6’ Weight: 178lbs View Resume

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Todd Soley

Credits: We Stand Alone Crossing Jordan Siren Skills: Actor Stunt Work Weapons Kung Fu Height: 6′ Weight: 165lbs View Resume  

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