About Alysha Wheeler Henrikson

Company founder Alysha Wheeler Henrikson  is a native of Los Angeles, and has spent most of her youth and her entire career in entertainment.  A classically trained professional dancer, she has worked in almost every facet of the business: movies, television, print, music video’s, live events such as award shows and toured three years with Grammy winning artist Chayanne and has appeared in TV shows like Glee, How I Met your Mother, and Community.  Alysha has also been involved in motion capture for over 12 years, on both sides of the business: talent and management.  This experience, in conjunction with her entertainment background, has cultivated an unparalleled network of talent and business contacts.

About A-Max Motion Capture

A-Max Motion Capture has worked with the following companies:

Vicon, House of Moves, DreamWorks, Lucas Arts, ILM, Stan Lee, THQ, EA, Rockstar Games, Image Works, Sony, Hydrogen Whisky, Just Cause, Microsoft, Jim Hensen, Konami Digital.

With these companies, A-Max has booked talent for all aspects of motion capture: video games, commercials, film, demo’s, testing and trade shows.  A-Max also handles casting and large scale bookings.  A-Max Motion Capture Management is a one stop shop for all you mo cap talent needs.

The A-Max network of talent has been hand selected and includes all specialties: actors, voice over, dancers, martial artists, wirework, parkour, gymnast, professional athletes, navy seals, choreographers, circus and Cirque-style performance.