About Alysha Wheeler Henrikson

Company founder Alysha Wheeler Henrikson  is a native of Los Angeles, and has spent most of her youth and her entire career in entertainment.  A classically trained professional dancer, she has worked in almost every facet of the business: movies, television, print, music video’s, live events such as award shows and toured three years with Grammy winning artist Chayanne and has appeared in TV shows like Glee, How I Met your Mother, Masked Singer and Community.  Alysha has also been involved in motion capture for over 25 years, on both sides of the business: talent and management.  She has helped with the production, choreography and casting of video games like Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, Ghostbusters, Marvel, Disney, Resident Evil, and Call of Duty.  She has also worked on the sales side of motion capture with companies like Vicon, 209 Group, House of Moves, and Perspective Studios.  This experience, in conjunction with her entertainment background, has cultivated an unparalleled network of talent and business contacts.

About A-Max Motion Capture

A-Max Motion Capture has worked with the following companies:

Vicon, House of Moves, Naughty Dog, Sony Play Station,  DreamWorks, Lucas Arts, ILM, Stan Lee, THQ, EA, Rockstar Games, Image Works, Sony, Hydrogen Whisky, Just Cause, Microsoft, Jim Hensen, Konami Digital.

With these companies, A-Max has booked talent for all aspects of motion capture: video games, commercials, film, demo’s, testing and trade shows.  A-Max also handles casting and large scale bookings.  A-Max Motion Capture Management is a one stop shop for all you mo cap talent needs.

The A-Max network of talent has been hand selected and includes all specialties: actors, voice over, dancers, martial artists, wirework, parkour, gymnast, professional athletes, navy seals, choreographers, circus and Cirque-style performance.