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Alex Bankier_Headshot 1

Alex Bankier

Credits: Video games for Sony Video games for Naughty Dog Abeyance Skills: Actor Stunts Harness Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Boxing Height: 5’10” View Resume:

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Terry Notary at the Los Angeles premiere of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood.
July 28, 2011  Los Angeles, CA
Picture: Paul Smith / Featureflash

Terry Notary

Credits: Planet Of The Apes X2 X-Men United Transformers Avatar Fantastic Four Kong:Skull Island Skills: Actor Stunts Creature Work Movement Coach Stunt and Movement Choreographer Gymnast Height: 5’9” View Resume:

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HS turquoise retouched 2

Jeremy Rivette

Credits: The Rookie Lights Out Section Eight Vice Skills: Stunts Actor Firearms Wirework Swords Drumming Height: 6ft Resume:  

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KWells Headshot 1 2

Kendall Wells

Credits: To the Death Blood Trail The Gray Man Skills: Actor Japanese Sword Whip Master Filipino Stick Tae Kwon Do Boxing Muay Thai Height: 6’3”  

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Chris Grahber

Credits: Tenet Raymond and Ray Dark Skies Alice in Wonderland Avatar Skills: Actor Stunts Stilts Juggler Unicycle Tight Rope Walker Height: 5’7”

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Temp-Reg 2

D.C. Douglas

Credits: Teppen (Alex Wesker VO) Borderlands 3 NCI 2 Broke Girls Skills: Actor Voice Over Actor Height: 6’2” View Resume:  

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Richard Dorton

Credits: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Godzilla: King of The Monsters God Of War (4) Unchartered Skills: Actor Performance Capture Actor Movement Creator & Motion Capture Consultant Dancer Hand to Hand Combat Weapons Stunts Performance Capture Director Height: 6ft View Resume:

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Nupeir Garrett

Credits: S.W.A.T. Between Forever Snowfall Skills: Actor Dancer Sports Height: 6ft

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Layne Herrin

Credits: Lava Hellfire Red Light Skills: Actor Stunts Film Fighting Wire Work Mini Tramp Fencing Jui-Jitsu Height: 5’10”  

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Nathan Hedrick

Credits: CSI:NY I Love You Man Secret Santa Warriors Skills: Actor Voice Over Weapons combat Firearms Gun Slinger Highfalls Height: 5’7” View Resume:

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